2017 Annual Catholic Appeal Weekend is February 25-26th


2016 Report of Gratitude (Thank You to the 94 Sacred Heart parishioners/households who donated to last year's Appeal)

Why is the Annual Catholic Appeal Necessary?

Your Gift Matters


Click here to donate now.
Click here to donate now.


Next week, on Feb 25-26, we will once again be given the opportunity to be Christ to others through works of mercy. How do we help a family in need? How do we best help the man or woman along the roadside with a request for money? Do we pass them by? Do we feel guilty? Do we wonder how the money we give might be spent? As Catholics in the Diocese of Sacramento, we have a way to help those truly in need. By making a generous donation to the Annual Catholic Appeal, you can live the Gospel message and provide real assistance. Last year 94 of our parishioners contributed $4,966 to the Appeal. This parish received 25% to serve our local needs, people who came to our doors looking for a bit of help or a hand up. The charitable works of the Church, whether in Catholic social service programs or parish-based outreach ministries, depend on all of us. Each of our gifts, no matter the amount, really does make a difference in someone’s life. Please prayerfully consider what you can give.


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