*** Friday's Supreme Court Decision on Marriage ***  


All Americans deserve respect for their human dignity. The Catholic Church has stalwartly stood by that fundamental belief while also recognizing marriage as the unique relationship between a man and a woman.



Unfortunately, the Supreme Court today in attempting to do the former distorted the latter. The decision of the Supreme Court has attempted to address the issue of respect in the wrong way and has pushed the Country further down a libertarian understanding of freedom and equality. While many will demean a public place for religious belief in the wake of this decision, it is religious faith that will continue to be the primary force of charity and self-sacrifice in the United States.




The Catholic Community will continue to address the more stubborn and cruel forms of inequity in our country: enduring forms of racism such as witnessed last week in Charleston, a broken immigration system that helps no one and widening economic disparity that robs people of hope. None of these deep inequities are touched by today's decision; we still have much work to do.


-- Bishop Jaime Soto, Diocese of Sacramento and

President of the California Catholic Conference, June 26th


Full statement from the President of the United States Catholic Bishops' Conference >>

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Parishioners invited to join Catholic Legislative Network during Life and Dignity Sunday effort June 27-28


Bishop Jaime Soto has designated June 27-28 in parishes across the Diocese of Sacramento as “Life and Dignity Sunday,” where parishioners will have the opportunity to register as members of the statewide Catholic Legislative Network sponsored by the California Catholic Conference in Sacramento. The CCC is the public policy arm of the state’s Catholic bishops.


The Catholic Legislative Network “is an effective way for Catholics to act on their faith in the public arena,” noted Bishop Jaime Soto in a message encouraging the faithful to sign up for the network.

Life and Dignity Sunday coincides with the national Catholic initiative, “Fortnight for Freedom,” being held June 21-July 4. “This initiative is a pastoral effort to have the Catholic community appreciate the religious freedom we enjoy, along with the other freedoms cherished by this nation since its founding on July 4, 1776,” Bishop Soto said. Life and Dignity Sunday “is a good way of reminding the faithful of the vital connection between our Catholic faith and living in a democratic society.”

In 2009, the Sacramento Diocese was the first of the state’s 12 dioceses to launch the Life and Dignity Sunday effort. Through a brief, weekly e-newsletter mailed on Fridays called “Public Policy Insights,” Catholic Legislative Network members learn about issues and actions being taken on certain priority issues of the state’s bishops. In addition, periodic alerts are sent to network members, asking them to send an email, a letter or to make a phone call to their state senator or assembly member.


 [  ] Click here for the CA Catholic Conference website

 [  ] Click here to view a video in English with Bishop Jaime Soto about Life and Dignity Sunday

 [  ] Click here to view a video in Spanish with Bishop Jaime Soto about Life and Dignity Sunday

 [  ] Click here to learn more about the Fortnight for Freedom



ONE Campaign Update ...  Thank You!!!                              

Facility upgrades coming to Mercy HS

We are very pleased and excited to announce that the Diocesan Finance Council has approved the expenditure of ONE Campaign funds for two facility projects at Mercy High School.  The first is the long-awaited air conditioning project for the gymnasium.  The school will be installing a comprehensive HVAC system, along with electrical upgrades.  The second project is a complete replacement of all exterior windows and most of the entrance doors into the school.  The new windows will be attractive, double-pane, and energy-efficient. The doors will be store front models with tempered glass and ADA compliant hardware.  These projects will greatly enhance the appearance and comfort of the school, and in the case of the windows increase the school's energy efficiency. These are each 6 figure projects, and the goal is to complete them over this summer (2015).   Thank you to the Diocese and to all those who generously contributed to the ONE Campaign.  




May-June issue of Catholic Herald magazine is

published, focusing on cultural feasts and devotions


The May-June issue of Catholic Herald magazine of the Diocese of Sacramento has been published. The digital edition is available on the right margin of this website or by clicking on the image at the left.


The theme of this issue is cultural feasts and devotions. The cover story features the family of Andre and Lisa DaSilva of St. Elizabeth Parish in Sacramento, who are part of the Portuguese Catholic community and are devoted to passing on their cultural and religious traditions to their family of four children.


Other feature stories include interviews with transitional deacons Victor Gutierrez and Michael Ritter, who will be ordained as priests for the Diocese of Sacramento on June 6; a feature on how the Chinese Catholic community is preserving a rich heritage for the Chinese-speaking faithful of the diocese; a feature on how Filipino Catholics in the diocese are devout in their faith and traditions; and interviews with three religious in consecrated life who say it opened doors to ministries they never imagined. 2015 is being celebrated as the Year of Consecrated Life worldwide.


Bishop Jaime Soto is publisher of the magazine, which is published six times each year and includes moving faith stories and high-quality photography about Catholics in the diocese as well as news and events of the local church. Individual faith stories are the cornerstone of Catholic Herald Magazine and columns also explore the Catholic faith and educate about the teachings of the church. To donate $15 per year to receive Catholic Herald, call (916) 733-0266.


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