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Saving a life from abortion and a heart from despair can be as easy as memorizing a phone number and a website. At Heartbeat’s, or its 24-hour emergency helpline 800-712-HELP (4357), callers are connected to help available closest to where they live. Confidential guidance is offered in English and Spanish, and many of these centers also have healing programs for those hurting from abortion. Offering this information will show others the true face of the Church and the prolife movement, not as an effort to point fingers of condemnation, but rather to extend hands of help and hope. A message from your Respect Life Ministry Team. Call 586-1506 or 526-1133 for further info.



Margie Duey



We respond to the Church and diocesan obligation to promote the awareness of the sanctity of life, the respect for life from conception to the grave, and the value and dignity of every human life through education and prayer.




Mission Statement:  We are a ministry of Sacred Heart Church, Red Bluff, that is deeply committed to respect for and protection of all life, especially of the unborn (as our Catholic Church strongly encourages us).  As such we strive, through various means, to raise awareness of the unique value of every human life, as created by God, and expose the many negative effects of abortion and others sins against life.





     1. Respect Life Prayer Group (weekly on Wednesdays);

     2. Sancitity of Life Month;

     3. Walk for Life Westcoast in San Francisco;

     4. Baby Bottle Drive;

     5. Lenten 40 Days for Life;

     6. Spiritual Adoption (March);

     7. CareNet Walk for Life;

     8. Diocesan Respect Life Conference (4th Saturday of August);

     9. LifeNet fundraiser in the Fall;

    10. Fall 40 Days for Life;

    11. Christmas Giving Tree.


The Respect Life Ministry meets most months on the 2nd Tuesday at 5 PM in the West Room, Sacred Heart Parish Hall.



We, members of the Respect Life Ministry, feel a call to do whatever we can to protect the unborn who are so vulnerable and who cannot speak for themselves.  Also, we want to help those women and men who find themselves with an unplanned and challenging pregnancy.


LifeNet Family Resource and Pregnancy Center of Tehama County is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping women, families and children, born and unborn, in a Christ-centered environment. We offer education, love and resources to clients as an alternative to abortion, at no cost to them. Our ministry is in its critical formative stage. 


We know we must have great compassion for any woman or man who has been involved in an abortion, since often she or he felt pressured into it and did not have someone there to offer support and alternatives.  We welcome anyone, man or woman, who feels a similar calling to join our ministry.


For more information, please feel to call Margie at 586-1506.


Thank you!



Respect Life Ministry of Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Red Bluff





 “When first speaking against abortion, someone stated, if you and your church feel this way, what are you doing to support these pregnant women in crisis? So when Care Net, 40 Days for Life and our Respect Life Ministry came along, I felt this is my chance to put action behind my words and beliefs.” -- Connie Pettinger





“I am a member of our Sacred Heart Parish Respect Life Ministry, and I believe that the right to live and, therefore, the need to protect life in all its stages, is the responsibility of all who understand this basic, most primary truth.  If the right to live is denied, discussion of all other rights is irrelevant.  I have come to understand that situations for women who consider an abortion often involve the real fear that they have no other choice.  Those of us active in pro-life ministry work to assure not only that women and men faced with a difficult pregnancy come to learn that abortion is not the answer, but we are especially devoted to providing hands-on practical help and unconditional love.  Through our help for the parents and babies and their families, we benefit from the real knowledge that we have made a significant difference in their lives and...God smiles.”  -- Cindy Sale




“As a Catholic Christian, I believe there is nothing in this world more precious than life.  This is the reason I became a member of the Respect Life Ministry.  This ministry gives me the opportunity to publicly voice that belief, and also to put that belief into a tangible practice.  I think we are very fortunate to have this ministry in our church and to have the opportunity to become a member.”  -- Anita Guzman







The Respect Life Ministry is a proud and ongoing supporter of the Red Bluff Care Net Center

<> Tap image for the CareNet web site
<> Tap image for the CareNet web site

Care Net Pregnancy Center of Northern California

Saving Lives • Healing Hearts • Ministering Compassion


and visit the CareNet national website at

THE RESPECT LIFE MINISTRY RECOMMENDS that you also visit these sites:

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<> Tap image to access site of 40 Days For Life
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Homilies through May 19th

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