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Confirmation Registration Year 1 and Year 2 Confirmation registration for ALL parish students, whether they attend Sacred Heart School or CFF, begins now for students who will be entering the 8th grade in August of 2019. Students MUST attend a Year 1 CFF class or Sacred Heart School the year before Year 2 (two consecutive years). There is no special Confirmation registration form  for students who are entering the 7th grade in August 2019, only a CFF registration form is required if not a Sacred Heart School student . There is a $65.00 registration  fee  due  in  the  second year.


Dates    to     remember:    Confirmation Kickoff- Sept. 14 at the Parish Hall. Fired Up Conference- Nov. 14 at the State Theater.

Fr. Chuck Kelly Homilies
Fr. Chuck Kelly Homilies
Collection/Maintenance/School  Thanks!
Collection/Maintenance/School Thanks!

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